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Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds

What they are…

Perfect Fit Venetian blinds are an integrated blinds system, where Venetian blinds are encased in aluminium frames. These frames are fitted to your door or window with no-drill brackets. The no-drill brackets are fitted in between the glass and the rubber seals on your uPVC frames.

How they work…

Perfect Fit Venetian blinds are raised and lowered by a tab on the bottom rail. The louvres are tilted by twisting a wand.

Why we love them…

  • Ideal for easy light control and effective screening. The louvres fit close to the window pane, meaning there are no large gaps in which light can seep in, or heat can escape, also ensuring greater levels of privacy.
  • Does not require drilling.
  • Allows the venetian blinds to move with the window or door – regardless of whether it is opened or closed.
  • Wide range of colours.

Suitable for…

Patio doors, large windows, and conservatories.